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Jennifer AriesMy name is Jen Arias.
I am a wife, mother of two young boys, work in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years and passionate person for LIFE~HEALTH~and FITNESS! But that has not always been the case! My journey began when I was tired of just accepting the fact that I “couldn’t” loose the 30 pounds that I had been carrying for years. I had always been in pretty good shape, but after the birth of my first child and packing on 60 lbs in my first pregnancy…the first 30 came off pretty quickly and the last 30 remained! Then I had my 2nd child 2 years later…only gained the recommended 30-35 pounds, but the extra 30 still remained! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling overweight. I felt uncomfortable, I felt ugly. It was affecting me, my marriage, my relationships with others. Then one day, while on Facebook, I found a gal who had an awesome transformation story and had been just like me! I connected with her and she told me about Beachbody. I thought, “could this be the answer?” I was willing to give it a try. And the difference for me was that I had really effective workout programs at home, where I had no excuse to “get to the gym” because I could workout at any time, in any clothes at home..I had no excuses. And honestly, I wanted to do something for ME! For years, I had put myself on the backburner. But what I didn’t realize was that by taking a little bit of time for yourself each day will make yourself a better person inside and out. So, I had a really sincere talk with my husband and kids and although my kids are young, they understood that their Mom needed to do this for herself to feel good. They give me 30-60 minutes a day where they play right next to me, or sometimes workout with me and it is awesome and guilt free. Now, it’s just part of our day…like brushing our teeth! I began with ChaLean Extreme, adding in some Turbo Jam and drinking Shakeology once a day. Before I knew it, I was feeling fantastic. I was getting my energy back, i was building muscle, I was learning about being healthy and fit! 35 pounds, and 4 sizes later……I have never looked back! I love being a Beachbody Coach! I feel like it has given me my life back and I get to pay it forward and make a difference in other people’s lives. What a blessing! Thanks for reading my story….I would love to hear yours!

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