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I am so excited that I have almost completed P90X. It has been great and I definietly notice muscle and definition in my arms, legs and back! I will be posting my after pictures soon. However, now that it is nearing the end, although I love Tony Horton, I am finding his jokes to be getting a little old. LOL. I am a Turbo-girl at heart! And tonight I felt that I really wanted to do some cardio, in particular...

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13 Mar 2011

Health benefits of Ghee

Have you heard about Ghee and its health benefits? A friend of mine at work told me about Ghee and let me taste some and now I am lovin it! It has been in quite of bit of health articles of late! This amber liquid melts in your mouth and can be used for cooking, baking, to drizzle on veggies or spread on toast. Just what is Ghee and what benefit does it give to your health? Ghee, or clarified...

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8 Mar 2011

Shakeology Recipes

Okay, who are these people who don’t know how to “customize” their Shakeologies? I talked to a guy today who told me he didn’t like the taste of Shakeology. Really?? I asked him how he prepared it. He said, I added water and put it in a shaker. Um, hello… duh! That’s like buying broccoli, taking a bit of it raw and saying it’s “just okay” or boiling a breast of chicken in tap water and thinking it tasted kinda...

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7 Mar 2011

Muscle Soreness

Whenever I start a new workout program or do a particular routine that I have not done in a while, I can be sure that I will be feeling it the next day! For example, I tried INSANITY for the first time today, and I already can tell I will be sore tomorrow. So, why do we get sore and what can we do to feel better? Here are a few tips & info that I hope will help. There...

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3 Mar 2011


I happened to see a post on Facebook today and it could not have come at a more needed moment for me and so I wanted to pass along my thoughts on the topic of “Just Do It”. Over the past year and during my weight loss journey I have learned a lot about not making excuses, not letting myself get down over hurdles or failures. There will always be excuses! There will always be hurdles in life! The same...

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