SHAKEOLOGY POPPERS!!   These are our super duper yummy, healthy treats I make for the family; my boys ages 10 and 7 especially LOVE them!!   Yes the two with sprinkles are for my boys..,hey, they’re kids and they all love sprinkles! But besides the sprinkles , they will be getting protein, healthy fats, super foods, vitamins and minerals in every bite!! And they taste like BROWNIES! This is one healthy food that doesn’t taste healthy but I don’t hide...

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26 Feb 2012

Working out as a Family!!

There has been a crazy amount of changes in my life over the past two years since becoming a Beachbody coach. I could not begin to list them all in just this one blog post. But, what I wanted to share today was that when I started this journey – things in my personal life were at a definite low. My relationship with my hubby was not in a good place and I was very sad about that. I know...

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