INSANITY® Fast and Furious Abs DVD

INSANITY Fast and Furious AbsINSANITY® Fast and Furious Abs DVD

Get a 45-minute INSANITY® abs workout condensed into less than 15 minutes! Shaun T takes you through each of his favorite ab and core moves at a furious pace—helping you carve an amazingly tight, lean, toned six-pack, fast!

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You scared? You should be.
If you were crazy enough to do Shaun T’s Fast and Furious workout, then you’re even crazier to do Fast and Furious Abs. Yes, you’ll have to push. You’ll have to work hard. But that’s what INSANITY’s about. And Shaun’s not gonna stop until you get a lean, tight, toned six-pack that turns heads.

Furious moves. Faster than ever.
Straight from INSANITY, Shaun takes you through his favorite cardio ab and core drills. Now he pushes you as hard as you can go, teaching you how to build up speed while maintaining your control on every move. You’re gonna see a crazy Shaun T today.

Maximize your results in less than 15 minutes!
This is a truly insane 45-minute ab workout—packed into less than 15 minutes. But you know if you want Shaun T abs, you have to do something crazy. Shaun’s on a mission to maximize your results. And he’s not gonna stop until you’re there. Think you got this? Get ready to find out, now.

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.

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