INSANITY® Sanity Check DVD


Get prepped for your INSANITY® challenge with Sanity Check, Shaun T’s not-so-crazy training workout that shows you how to perform each of his moves safely and effectively. Use this comprehensive workout for a week before beginning INSANITY—and any other time you want to refine your skills—to Dig Deeper® and get mind-blowing results.

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Build your foundation. Get maximum results.

If you want to explode past your limits with INSANITY, you must first build a solid foundation of form and control. That’s why you need Sanity Check—Shaun T’s not-so-crazy 26-minute workout that shows you how to perform each of his insane moves safely and effectively, so you can get maximum results.

Perfect your form so you can push harder.
Shaun T takes you through each INSANITY move step-by-step, teaching you how to control your body and perfect your technique, so you can go longer and push harder than ever before. And get in the absolute best shape of your life.

Hit the ground running. And keep refining your skills.
Sanity Check gets you pumped up and prepared to take on your full 60 days of INSANITY. Sanity Check also continues to refine your skills every time you use it. It’s a workout you’ll want to keep reaching for again and again!

Here are just a few of the ways Sanity Check maximizes your results:

  • Doing Sanity Check every day for one week before starting your 60 days of INSANITY is the best way to prepare your mind and body for the challenges to come.
  • Use it again as you transition out of Month 1 of INSANITY to learn Shaun’s next-level moves in Month 2.
  • Keep perfecting your form and technique with Sanity Check, getting a full workout every time you do it!

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.

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