13 Feb 2014

Let it go…..and CROW from P90X3 Yoga!

“Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore…”
You know these lyrics from the movie “FROZEN”??…….

Ironic how this song worked it’s way into my workout today!  I am on week 6 of P90X3, and today was YOGA Day!!

On week ONE, I made a promise to myself, to my Challengers doing it with me and to Facebook world that I would NOT skip Yoga.  I never liked Yoga.  And I never thought it would do much for me.  But this time, it’s 30 minutes a week, and that is totally doable, and too easy to skip it!  So today was my 6th or 7th time doing P90X3 Yoga and I felt so GOOD.  I have been working hard on my core strength and balance and it’s starting to pay off…just like with anything…practice, practice, practice and it’s bound to come!

Today, I was able to do CROW, holding the position on my head, but also get my legs up to a handstand!  I was so proud.  I know that is dorky of me to say.  But I have watched so many people in my Facebook newsfeed do it, and do handstands and headstands and hallow backs, and I always thought to myself, “I don’t know if I could ever do that!”, and I am proving myself wrong!  I took a video to capture the moment:-)

I am getting better at a few other things like “CAMEL”, and learning ways to modify until I get better.

But that is my whole point of this blog post… Learn to LET GO of all those negative thoughts….don’t tell yourself you can’t….tell yourself you WILL and then practice, practice, practice!!   



This video below is just a quick demonstration of “Camel pose” (left side of the video) from P90X3 Yoga and on the right side is a demonstration of using a sock to help you extend your flexibility until you can do it just holding onto your big toe:-)