25 Nov 2013

My personal journey…how I got started, struggles I have encountered and overcome…

Hi guys,

Every so often, I want to share a post like this, which is very hard for me to do because I worry about judgement or people thinking I am trying to brag or be boastful.  But I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, this is not my intention.  3 years ago I decided I needed a change in my life.  At that time, things were really not great- I was overweight, I was not happy, I was not confident, I had no goals and dreams, and honestly, my marriage was not in great shape either!  This is when I found Team Beachbody, and my coach and began a journey to work on ME, and over time, it blossomed into so much more.  I am not perfect, I never try to be, I still am a work in progress because I LOVE food, and can gain weight by looking at junk food! I struggle with this all the time! But what has changed continuously over time is my relationships, my happiness, creating goals and dreams that I am achieving.  I know there are plenty of people out there with my story and my struggles and so I want to share this with everyone so they can have the hope – that they too can change areas in their life that they are not happy with – be it weight, health, relationships, their happiness, family goals, income goals!  My husband was able to quit his business and take an easier “normal” job – less money of course, but less stress and MORE quality family time!!!  My supplemental income through my Beachbody business has been that cushion for us.  And as you can see in this post, it has doubled every year and continues to grow!

My team of coaches is something I am very proud of – I am proud of them for making a decision of health and fitness and paying it forward.  That’s what it is all about.  Just like recommending a good movie or a good restaurant….we recommend a good workout and a healthy lifestyle and the rewards are pure joy!  I have made the best of friends during this journey.  And my hubby and I have become so tight and have a renewed bond.  It’s been priceless!

If you have been wanting a change, I want to help you!  I will teach you everything I have learned and I will help you set goals and achieve them!  YOU just have to decide…Are you ready??

Below, beneath my picture is a video where I share much more about how I got started and how I earn as a Coach and how YOU can get started too.  Please get in touch with me and Look forward to talking with you soon:-)

xo, In good health, Jen

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