Success Stories

MY  Transformation:

Jennifer Arias Transfermation

Brenda M.’s Transformation:

The first before and after pics was her first year of progress where she used Chalean Extreme, TurboFire, and Shakeology. The phone that says next is her currently on her journey with Les Mills Pump (30 day results).

Brenda McGuire After Brenda McGuire Before


Tara R.’s Transformation:

Started Shakeology and Chalean Extreme in July 2011 at a size 10 – Now January 2013 size 4!Tara Before & After
Tara collin

Brandon Z.’s Transformation:

Weighed 185 pounds in the before pic. Lost 15 pounds when I became active by playing basketball,then another 5 pounds when I did P90X. Then I got P90X2, Shakeology, and started eating right and dropped to 140 pounds! Now I’ve done Insanity off and on, completed Asylum 1, Asylum 2, and am currently doing Asylum Hybrid.

Brandon Zimmerman BEFORE

Brandon Zimmerman AFTER

Heather J. Transformation:

Heather J Before & After