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Shakeology Tropical has natural tropical fruits like tart camu-camu, luscious papaya, succulent acerola cherry, tangy pineapple, and smooth banana. Shakeology …Tropical nourishes your body, yet tastes like an exotic island getaway. New flavor – Shakeology Tropical Strawberry Vegan! From the highest mountains of Peru to the deepest jungles of Costa Rica, we’ve sourced only the healthiest, purest ingredients for our new Tropical Strawberry flavor. We took no shortcuts in creating a flavor that’s as exciting as the around the world...

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31 Jul 2011

TEN Tips to Beat the HEAT!

No matter where you live, the energy crunch will affect you all over the summer. The most important thing to remember is to listen to your body!  1.)   Schedule physically strenuous activities for cooler times. And yes, that includes walking around the theme parks. Walking around in the heat and humidity can make ALL parts of your body sweat, and that includes your poor feet. When feet are wet, blisters can develop, so try to wear socks that are not...

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13 Mar 2011

Health benefits of Ghee

Have you heard about Ghee and its health benefits? A friend of mine at work told me about Ghee and let me taste some and now I am lovin it! It has been in quite of bit of health articles of late! This amber liquid melts in your mouth and can be used for cooking, baking, to drizzle on veggies or spread on toast. Just what is Ghee and what benefit does it give to your health? Ghee, or clarified...

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